Running the Financial Race

Running, just keep running… Physical Education is so important for our children and their health. children runningThey are glued to technology these days, We do not monitor the time spent doing Physical education but we should! Kids spend more time in front of their i-pads and less time just running around, getting their hearts racing and their bodies moving. Things used to be simple.

I went to a sports shop to purchase running shoes, the sales lady explained that you can not just run with running shoes, she pointed out that I would need some more nifty gadgets to be a "good" runner…, When running you need GPS-based models which use satellites to track your movements; and models that use foot-pods on your shoelaces which you pre-set according to your individual stride and measure your speed and the distance covered. OR, You can download an app for your iphones and android devices which come with pods, and bands, that link up to satellites to measure time over distance. OR; Another relatively recent development has been the arrival of sophisticated online training programmes and support packages, where you can record your data and share it with other users. And as well as recording time over distance, most now also measure heart rate, so you have as much data as a sports scientist need to accurately plan your training and assess your progress in races… 

I just wanted to take a jog around the block and now I have found myself in a financial disarray. I am terrible at making financial decisions and now I have all these decisions blocking my path…I need to know that I am making the right financial choices –  Welltech ORM – PT Unified Trade can help me make the right decision by helping me by assessing the risk!

Who are they?

PT Unified Trade is an international provider of payment and clearing services, IT security and global risk management solutions. Clients benefit from faster transactions, simplified reporting and competitive exchanges rates in multiple currencies. PT Unified Trade has a diverse client base and a growing reputation in the travel, insurance and financial industries.

How does their technology work?

PT Unified Trade uses advanced technologies that simplify payments for our clients’ customers, and at the same time streamline bookkeeping for our clientele, increasing efficiencies and decreasing costs. PT Unified Trade Facebook ;No matter what business you are in, making things easier for your customers has a direct positive impact on your revenues. In addition to providing clients with a simple and secure method of processing payments, PT Unified Trade technology experts work hand in hand with our clients’ IT departments to ensure that our solutions blend in with the look/feel of our clients’ online presence.

Experts in their Industry?

Your business is growing and changing rapidly and PT Unified Trade stands behind our clients and by their sides to keep them safe and up-to-date. Issues of concern in the industry globally are risk management, IT security, cultural and language flexibility and keeping up with ever-changing international banking and currency regulatory issues. All new clients undergo a thorough fraud prevention and IT security audit – including internal and external cyber security testing. Once we are satisfied that you have sufficient security in place, we begin the process of speeding up your payments, reducing your costs, and helping you in every way possible so that you can attend to your core business and attend to your bottom line.

Great, so now that my finances will be handled, the costs of the jog wont break the bank and my path is cleared! 


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