Collaborating within GCSE PE to improve pupils thinking and independence

Over the past few years of teaching GCSE PE I find myself endlessly thinking of new ideas to try and implement within my teaching to ensure that the pupils in my lessons are getting the best opportunity to succeed and gain the best grade or level they can.
I decided to give collaborating ago. This blog will provide some of the examples of collaboration that I have implemented. They include using the following applications:

• Prezi
• Evernote
• Dropbox


After attending a few professional development courses I noticed the leaders of the course kept mentioning Prezi.
I was extremely curious to investigate Prezi further, as the leaders of the course mentioned that is was the next PowerPoint. Most of the lessons I teach have accompanying PowerPoint’s and worksheets already set up in a folder, which I adapt, modify and update regularly.

What is Prezi?

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software and storytelling tool for exploring and sharing ideas on a virtual canvas. Prezi is distinguished by its Zooming User Interface, which enables users to zoom in and out of their presentation media.
The cloud based feature of Prezi means that the information is stored ‘Out there’ in the WWW (World Wide Web), which means that it can be accessed on various devices and computers as long as they can access the internet. Solving the problem of losing pen drives or not having enough storage space on computer hard drives.
But Prezi isn’t just about making presentations zoom and twist. It can have a bigger impact on the learning of pupils. Prezi has the capability to share presentations with others and also allow them to edit the presentations
With this is mind I thought of ideas of how I could implement Prezi into my GCSE PE teaching. I decided to use the sharing aspect of Prezi to allow greater collaboration both with pupils and other members of the PE department.
Each topic within the GCSE PE syllabus was updated from powerpoint to Prezi. This sounds like a daunting prospect, however Prezi allows for powerpoint slides to be uploaded straight into the Prezi canvas. Any additional information can then be easily added.
Once the Prezis’ for each topic were completed they were shared and opened for editing with each member of staff within the department. This would allow each member to add any additional content to each topic of the GCSE PE syllabus.
This means:
• Consistency of material being delivered
• Work is not being duplicated and time wasted
• All teachers feel valued and feel they have contributed
• Provides ownership of the resources and materials
Because Prezi is cloud based, all of the department can access the shared material in order to edit or present and changes to the presentations can be seen by all
The next step is to try and get the pupils to collaborate on planning and designing Prezi presentations for each of topics for revision. Pupils will work in small groups and have a different topic to plan for. Once all small groups have finished their presentations they will be shared with others in the group.
The Prezi viewer app for Ipad, Iphone and Ipod touch allows users to view Prezis on the go, which will provide excellent opportunities for revision.


Evernote is a fantastic application for recording down ideas, thoughts and images that you have about anything. In fact it is an excellent tool to note down anything.
I first started using evernote as an iphone app to note down my ideas about certain aspects of Physical Education. I found it so easy to note down the idea straight away when it popped into my head. The note is then easily accessible from any other device such as a laptop or ipad.
I recently discovered that there is a facility in evernote to share a notebook that you create to allow multiple users to add ideas and notes which are then saved onto the shared notebook.

Use it in your lessons

Why not allow the pupils to make notes on the lesson using evernote. Import pictures or even record mini podcasts on the lesson content.
This information is then collated into the shared notebook for all pupils to see and can be collated together for all pupils in the class to revise from
Pupils could add extra information to the notes for homework and add links to other relevant material


Dropbox is a way to store documents online in a cloud based file. The file can be accessed from various different devices as long as you are connected to the internet.
It is not just a simple cloud based storage area. You can create shared folders which can be accessed by people who you send an ‘invite’ to.
The people who you ‘invite’ to access your folder can view, download, upload and edit documents within that folder. This provides an excellent opportunity to collaborate with others.
An example of such collaboration is the ‘PE bible’. A dropbox folder which PE teachers from all over the World add their examples of good practice to daily. This information is available to all members of the folder to access and use.
There are other shared dropbox folders that are being created which focus on specific aspects such as GCSE PE.
The GCSE PE dropbox has resources for OCR, AQA and the Edexcel syllabus. PE teachers from all over the country have contributed resources and lesson material.
Use dropbox
You could use dropbox in any of the following ways:
• Implement dropbox into your department by setting up a shared folder which all resources go into

• Join one the already successful dropbox folders

• Create a dropbox for pupils to use as revision. All resources and materials are stored in the dropbox folder which pupils have access to
• Pupils store their homework and classwork in a dropbox folder which you can easily access

Collaboration is important because everyone has a different perspective on things, which can bring new ideas to a project boite de viagra prix.
Sometimes we are able to view situations from many angles, but we do not always see of them and can become blinkered.
When you collaborate with another person or other people, they can sometimes see the angles that you don’t. This makes for a more comprehensive and creative piece of work or project.

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