Using mobile technology in GCSE PE Lessons

The following guest post was written by Dan Ellerby. You can follow him on Twitter @PEexpert.
After recently getting the go ahead to trial mobile technology within PE in order to monitor its impact and effectiveness with a view to implementing this within other curriculum areas, our PE department have been working hard to plan and deliver lessons with greater ownership and innovation. Twitter has been our inspiration to learn new ideas and concepts, and we have been able to use and adapt a lot of the good practice which has been shared.
I wanted to combine a number of apps within one lesson to motivate and engage my GCSE PE students when learning about Performance Enhancing Drugs in sport. Initially, I devised a short multiple choice Socrative quiz (SOC – 601518) for the group to complete as a starter, before any learning had taken place. As expected, the report was predominantly red showing that students had answered most questions incorrectly, shown below.

Students were then given the task of researching different PED’s including their benefits and side effects using either a computer or their phone. Once this was completed they then had to write about their findings and post into their Edmodo group, which was then peer assessed using the reply function by another member of the class. The students were more engaged in this lesson than any other I have delivered this year, simply due to the fact they enjoyed using the apps and their phones as part of their learning. The quality of their peer assessment was excellent, and all students were keen to contribute to the class discussions that were generated as a result of their research.
At the end of the lesson, students once again completed the Socrative quiz and as you can see below, the progress was clear to see as now their answers were predominantly green. The visual and immediate feedback was not only fantastic for me as the teacher, but also for all of the students because they could appreciate the progress they had made. This is something I will certainly be using more of in the future, and the live results that can be displayed whilst students are completing the quiz are valuable in monitoring the speed in which students are working and their existing knowledge base.

The extension and/or homework task for the class was to use Audioboo in order to create a podcast on their findings. Again, students were much more engaged completing this type of activity knowing that they could hand in their work without actually doing any writing or typing and so once again, the standard of their work much better than it has been in the past. An example of one of their podcasts can be seen via the following link:

The next step is for the class to create revision guides/posters which have QR Codes linking directly to their podcasts. Hopefully, by the end of the year students will have a bank of revision posters which they can use both within and beyond lessons, linking to podcasts created by themselves for all areas of the syllabus.
Since the introduction of new technologies within PE, students have been much more engaged, involved and motivated within lessons. Students appear to appreciate learning tasks and activities that are pitched at their level, using technology that is relevant and suitable within today’s society

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