Simple, effective, high expectation homework

Another superb guest post from Martyn Beaumont (@doverno10)

After completing a series of lessons on the circulatory and respiratory systems I decided to give my year 10 GCSE P.E class an assessment that was also a major piece of homework. I had seen a very similar set of homework set by a colleague of mine last year with fantastic results, so decided to steal part of his idea, adapt it for my group and hey presto, quality results!!

The homework was a three week project (one week of term and then over Christmas) to produce a 3D model or video highlighting all they had learnt in lessons. The pupils came up with the criteria for the homework and how it would be marked. I showed them some other projects from the previous year and then set the expectation at an all-time high.

As you can see from the pictures below the pupils did not disappoint, producing some of the best pieces of work I have ever had handed in to me, a very proud moment indeed. Pupils used Edmodo to discuss how their projects were going and there was real engagement outside of the classroom. On hand in day the room was awash with various kinds of models made from a variety of materials from old swimming floats, shoe boxes, an old bra and play-do to name a few!

We provisionally marked the projects as a class, setting up the room like an art gallery with every pupil assessing each other’s work, scoring them on build quality, innovation, accuracy, presentation of information and overall score. These scores were then collated and an awards ceremony lesson was scheduled.

Various prizes were awarded from best in show, most accurate piece, best video, most innovative design and best artistic impression. Pupils seemed to really enjoy the awards ceremony with the tension being built with nominations for each award (even the wooden spoon award). Overall a very simple homework assignment that turned out to be a very worthwhile assessment piece of work. Allowing every pupil to express what they have learnt through the medium of a 3D model or video, rather than a standardised written test.

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