The Theory exam is coming!

With the Theory exam just around the corner, the focus of many of us is on revision. It is key to prepare the pupils for the exam and ensure that they are revising.

It is extremely difficult to get the most out of pupils through just revising during lesson time. 50 minutes of revising during lesson time is great and now that most schools have completed the practical moderation / exam, this time can also be used for revision. However, we all want our pupils to be able to revise in their own time. This surely will give them a better chance of succeeding and getting the best possible grade they can.

The question is, how can we help and monitor the revisions when outside of the lesson?

An excellent way to enhance their revision is the use of social media and Apps. Most PE departments have set up their own twitter feeds to give access to sporting fixtures, results and information. Why not use this now to help pupils with revision.

Here are some of the possible uses that you could try:

Set up a # for pupils to follow so they can easily access the revision materials which you post

Use the principle of marginal gains by posting revision tweets during break times and lunchtimes during the school day.

It can be difficult to include all the information you need within the limit of 140 characters that twitter gives you. In this case, a good solution is to set up a PE department blog. The blog will provide you with the ability to present the information with a lot more detail. The blog also offers the chance to embed video clips and other information, which can be extremely beneficial to the pupils when revising.

WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger are just a few of the blog sites, which can be used.

The best preparation for the PE Theory exam that pupils can get is practicing past exam questions.

Edexcel have recently released an App, Edexcel Past Papers, to help with pupils being able to access past exam questions.




This is a good App but does it help pupils and give you the ability to track the progress of pupils in your group.

This got me thinking of different ways in which the App could be used to really enhance the revision of pupils.

Take a screenshot of questions and tweet the picture. Pupils then respond by answering the question. This way you get the opportunity to check pupils understanding and have the chance to correct any misconceptions. If you use the # which you have created for your group you can then publish all the tweets by using Storify

This story can then be embedded into you blog and posted on Twitter for pupils to refer back to. This way your pupils are able to learn about exam technique and how to answer questions outside of the lesson.

Using the Skitch App, which allows you to edit photos and add text to them, it is possible to produce a model answer for the questions that you post on twitter. This is extremely useful as pupils can then save these images to their smart phone

Set individual questions and post these to Twitter to allow your pupils to answer like the example below.

table 1

Using the Skitch app, insert text to show pupils a model answer for the question so they can mark their own response and check their understanding like the example below.

You can also add extra information such as the words in Blue to show pupils the process of thinking required to be able to answer the question.

For example:

The Long distance runner will be working their whole body for a long period of time; therefore the components of fitness will be Endurance. The two types of Endurance are Cardiovascular and Muscular.

The Sprinter will be working for a short period of time, but this work will be explosive which will mean that the components will be Strength and Power

Getting pupils used to answering questions with this process of thinking will benefit your pupils especially with higher marked questions (3-6 marks)


table 2


Quizlet is a fabulous website that produces revision cards. The cards can then be studied through the website.
There is also a Quizlet App, which gives you the ability to study the revision cards on the go on your smart phone.
Why not create some revision cards or use the ones that have already been produced.
For a set of revision cards on the Key Terms click here

Using Evernote as a way to create a shared set of revision notes is something that could be extremely effective for revision. Especially for those pupils within your group that has not made extensive notes throughout the course and therefore could possibly struggle. Evernote gives you the power to create revision material, which could be accessed by the whole class. These notes would be able to be updated and added to by anyone within the class

The fantastic options within Evernote to be able to add text, video, voice notes and links to websites make this an excellent utility for producing revision notes.

Add some specific text that you wish pupils to know. Add pictures and images to help them to understand the information. A link to a spider diagram or popplet could then be added to reinforce the key information. Pupils within the class can then add further information or resources that they find on the topic, e.g. A YouTube video

The other great thing about Evernote is all the pictures produced through the Skitch app are saved within an Evernote. This can be shared with your class or group.

The use of social media and technology could be such a powerful way to engage and promote revision.

Give these ideas a try and let us know how you get on.

We would love to hear any other ideas that you have used successfully to enhance the revision of your pupils

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