How Blogging can aid GCSE PE Performance

This guest post was kindly written by Michael Davison (@davisonpe)

Within my role of a PE Teacher at Whickham School, I teach a number of GCSE PE and A-Level PE groups viagra pour homme prix. For some of these groups, however the time between lessons (when I see them) is quite long. For example for one of my GCSE PE groups, there is a week between lessons, however for another group there’s actually 12 days between theory lessons (we operate a two week timetable). Because of this reason and because a big focus for the school this year is Independent Learning, I have started to use student blogging to support independent learning and learning outside of the classroom.


The blogging area I have set up is provided through VLE platform within school. The VLE is a tool which was introduced 2 years ago into the school and I have found it very beneficial in sharing resources and sharing lesson plans / notes with pupils. However one thing I hadn’t done before now was to get pupils producing blogs. Within two weeks of student’s writing blogs however, I am convinced this is a positive thing to do!

As I said previously the main things I wanted to focus on with the students were to develop their knowledge between lessons and focus on independent learning.

Therefore the first blogging task I set for my groups was to Blog a summary of each theory lesson, which has to be posted 1 day before the next lesson.

In this Blog students have to highlight all key terminology from the lesson, key subject knowledge areas, and apply this knowledge to sport specific situations.

For small groups (A-Level) I make every pupil Blog a summary, where as for large groups (GCSE PE), the Blogs are completed on a rota basis with 4/5  pupils blogging each lesson.

The task has been really beneficial so far with the quantity and quality of the blogs being really high. The pupils are also now making much clearer links between lessons in terms of content and how subject knowledge can be applied. They have also been highlighted as being beneficial for those pupils who may miss the lesson as they can log onto the VLE at any time and catch up on the key points of each lesson. In fact due to the positive response and quality of these blogs I am now even thinking of extending this type of task to practical lessons!


These blogs though, don’t have to be on a VLE, they don’t even have to be on a computer programme! If you feel your pupils won’t engage in Blogging, why not get them to write summaries of the lesson on A5 Summary cards (Plenary Task?) and stick the best ones on your classroom wall. As you go through a lesson cycle the key points of each lesson will build up over time and offer a fantastic revision source for the group.


To extend student blogging further and to promote independent learning within all the pupils I teach, I am now getting pupils to focus on writing their own articles/blog based around a current topic from the world of sport which interests them. These topics do not have to be linked to their GCSE or A-Level subject knowledge in anyway but can be something that they have independently researched, read about and gave their own opinions about. I feel this type of task is not only promoting independent learning but it also gives the students the skills of justifying and explaining their own opinions, which can extremely valuable in examinations. From a personal point of view I believe it also engages students within the subject at a higher level so that they start to become immersed in their learning when in the classroom, hopefully leading to gains in attainment and achievement.

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