Using Plickers in GCSE PE lessons

This guest post was written by Simon Bradbury @PeBrado.

I currently teach AQA GCSE PE and over the last 5 years or so the theory question paper always starts with 10 multiple choice questions. Now, to me this is 10 easy marks as the answer is there in front of you.

One of the key issues that all teachers seem to be talking about is managing time and not having enough time to do things. With the help of apps like Plickers the app will do the marking for you.

Essentially what Plickers is, is a simple tool for teachers to gather formative assessment without the need of any student devices. How it works is there are Plickers cards, which can be assigned to students. Therefore in my GCSE PE class I have 20 students and each one of them has their own Plickers card in the back of their exercise book. You will need to allocate cards to students (see below) on the Plickers website (



The image above is what a Plickers card looks like, so this would be given to the first student on my register, as it is number 1. You will see that each side has a letter on it. You input the multiple question that you want to ask prior to the lesson on the Plickers website and then ask the students. They then turn their Plickers card to the letter they think the answer corresponds to. Therefore taking the image above this would indicate the student thinks the answer is B.

Now this is the clever part, using the Plickers app on your phone/tablet you can then scan all the students Plickers cards as they hold up their answer. You don’t even need to press a button you just scan. It will then bring up the students answers on your phone as you scan and you can have a live feed on the website so the students can see if they are getting it right or not as this can be projected (see image below).


It does not have to be multiple choice, you can have true or false questions. You can now also add images too to the question.

This is great app for starters and plenaries but particularly for GCSE PE theory lessons as it relates to the layout of the start of their exam paper. I have recently inputted the last 4 years worth of multiple choice questions from the exam papers. Even better it saves the teacher time by marking the answers. I believe it can be used across a number of different departments for example times table in maths and spelling tests in English.

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