PE Teacher Wins Mega Millions Yet Doesn’t Quit Job

School is the place where children get to form their own conscience and awareness about the world, the past historical events and their consequences on the present days. School is also the place where children and kids begin to understand the importance of taking care of their mental skills as well as of their physical skills.

PE – A Cool School Subject

According to a recent survey among primary and high school students, it turns out that PE is the most favorite school subject for over 50% of interviewed students.

Actually, PE allows students to take awareness about their physical skills. Students come in touch to sports, namely team sports like football, rugby, volleyball, basketball and baseball, which are national sports in the US and in all English-speaking Countries.

Students usually love their PE teachers and probably this was the main reason why a lucky PE teacher in the US decided to never quit his job at the school, even after becoming a rich Mega Millions winner!

Mega Millions – 1-Dollar Ticket Opens Door To MillionsMega Millions ticket

Actually, the Mega Millions lotto is in the US a national lotto game, one of the most played along with Powerball and one of the world’s most popular and appreciated game. In fact, the numerous online lotto platforms that we can easily find in the net contribute to make Mega Millions known even outside the US.

Ice Lotto and its team of expert and dedicated members works hard to offer users an enjoyable and friendly environment where to access not only Mega Millions but also more high-level games.

Invented and launched under the name of Big Game in 1996, the Mega Millions lotto is today one of the most appealing lottos to try. Just consider that a simple 1-dollar Mega Millions ticket can open to players the door to record jackpots of over 100+ million dollars!

Rules Of Mega Millions – Ice Lottos’ Guide

On Ice Lotto, users can easily learn all the basic rules of the Mega Millions lotto as well as view all the most important tips to increase chances of winning a Mega Millions prize.

First off, let’s have a look at the very simple rules of this cool pan-American lotto game:

  • Create your account on Ice Lotto if you want to try a safe and quick way to play Mega Millions
  • Once you created your account, purchase your Mega Millions ticket at the price of 1 dollar
  • Select 5 main numbers of your choice from a 1-to-75 pool
  • Select also 1 Mega Ball number from a different pool of 1 to 15 numbers
  • Keep in mind you can use the FREE generator of random numbers to get an instant set of 5+1 numbers to use
  • Follow all the updates about the Mega Millions draw results on Tuesdays and Fridays after 11:00 PM Eastern Time

Of course, you can always get in touch to the staff of Ice Lotto by contacting the Customer Service, 24 h per day and 365 days per year at your availability for supporting you with answers, tips and specific help for your questions. The staff of Ice Lotto offers also a comprehensive guidance for winners who win the great Mega Millions jackpot as well as for winners who won smaller Mega Millions prizes.

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