Can Games Stimulate Children To Be More Active?

Do you ever find yourself thinking nothing is the way it used to be in the past? The air is more polluted, people are more stressed, the food is less organic, technology captures our interest almost nonstop, children spend most of their days in front of a computer playing video games or with their eyes glued to a smartphone/tablet all day long. Do you recall your childhood when you used to spend endless days playing outdoors, and when a soccer ball or a water gun were your favorite toys in the world? Wouldn't you like to see your kids spend as much time as you did out of the house and away from monitors and joysticks?

Not only can games and other fun physical activities promote health, but they can also help children develop more life skills.

Playing Video Games On The Couch?

According to the World Health Organization, childhood obesity is one of the most burning public health problems we are confronting with at a global level in the current century. The prevalence of child obesity in England is as prevalent as it is in the U.S. and other parts of the world. Measurements from 2014/2015 indicate that more than 19 percent of children in ages 10 to 11 were obese and more than 14 percent were overweight. Plus, a fifth of children aged 4-5 were obese or overweight. A different study completed by the Health Survey for England indicates that more than 31 percent of children ages 2-15 are obese or overweight.

Some of the main factors that contribute to the concerning rise in these numbers refer to children spending most of their free time playing video games on a couch instead of going out and taking on physical activities. A sedentary lifestyle is dangerous as it will boost the risk for developing serious health problems such as high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, respiratory diseases, type 2 diabetes, and other similar issues. The prevalence of obese adults is strongly tied to child obesity as well. In other words, unless we encourage children to embrace an active lifestyle from a young age, our children will eventually lose the fight against obesity.

Setting A Good Example

It is important for parents to encourage their children to become more active, and they can achieve this by doing the following:

  • Giving then toys that encourage them to become more physically active.

  • Avoid buying video game consoles and instead opt for short and simple games that kids can play without lingering too much over them. For example, when you are at the gas station and you decide yo buy lottery tickets for the upcoming Euromillions game, see that you also pick a couple of scratch card games for your children. They will enjoy the excitement of scratching off colorful tickets and discovering if they won something.

  • While not much of a physical activity in itself, playing scratch card games can turn into a desired reward at the end of a lawn mowing session for your small ones. Be creative and know what stimulates your kids the most, then put it to use.

  • If your kids learn how to ride a bicycle and they go out for daily rides for at least half an hour, you can let them pick the next online Euromillions lottery numbers.

  • Jump ropes and fun backyard swingsets are also highly recommended.

  • Children look up to their parents and try to emulate what they are doing. Try to also cut the time you spend in front of a computer – find faster alternatives for playing the lottery for example by using online sites and use the extra free time to go to the park, ride a bike, or go jogging.

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