GCSE PE Class Safety Assessment

Young students taking part in various sports at schools need to stay safe at all times and prevent injuries and unfortunate accidents. Teachers need to use the right techniques and make sure students are wearing the equipment, and are respecting the rules of the game according to their instructions. Chronic and acute injuries are to be avoided and prevented, and the same goes for soft and hard tissue injuries.

PE class does not have to turn into a battlefield with titans' clashes on the court or in the gym. But unfortunately students getting robbed and assaulted on the school grounds are not uncommon occurrences either.

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  • Opt for an electronic padlock for your locker room if allowed for extra security.

  • Report your combination and serial number or consider handing over a spare key to your teacher and have them place it in a master file. In case your key get lost or stolen, you will need to immediately let the PE teacher now.

  • Supervision inside locker rooms might be frowned upon as the privacy of students needs to be well kept. But as long as all incidents are immediately reported to a teacher and students pay attention to locker room rules, things should be in order.

PE Teachers And Gym&Locker Room Policies

PE teachers need to constantly inform students of the current rules, regulations, policies, and safety standards they need to respect. This information should be presented during the Physical Education Orientation Program that will be conducted at the start of each new school year. Additionally, all of these safety regulations will need to be displayed in gyms and locker rooms.

Students should not carry valuable items on them when in school or at gym class to prevent them from being stolen or accidentally misplaced/left behind. They also need to be well-familiarized with the specific sports rules such as no two-footed tackling when playing football, or no contact when playing netball.

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