Lottery Determines Fate Of PE Teacher’s Job

In the world of education there’s much snafus after the news from an elementary school in the US, where 5 PE teachers had the destiny of their jobs practically hanging on a game of chance, a lottery game.

Everything began when the school administration decided to hire a new PE teacher. Now, as you might easily imagine, the CVs sent to the school were numerous and this made the recruitment of a new PE teacher harder than expected.

A Lotto Game Would Decide The Teachers’ Career

The staff of the school selected 5 PE teachers whose excellent résumés were outstanding than the other candidates. Then, invited the 5 teachers to pull a slip out of a plastic cube: the one who would pick up a slip with number 6 on it would have the job at the elementary school. In other words, the 5 PE teachers had their job’s career suspended on a sort of lotto game, drawing a paper slip in a plastic cube.

Role of Lottos In Today’s America

This way to decide a new teacher to recruit clearly remind about the role of lottos in the US.

In certain Countries, the American mentality is often identified with the habit of playing gambling games of all types, of which lotteries always have a predominant place. If you look at the importance Americans attribute to their national lottos, then you will have a clear idea of how important lotto games are for them all!

Powerball In The US And In The World

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Ready-To-Use Powerball Tips

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