Employment Is A Theater Of The Absurd For These PE Teachers

We do know that the current financial crisis is often the main cause to extremely unique and unimaginable circumstances: workers paid with vouchers, workers underpaid or not paid at all in the worse situations, employees who haven’t rights on the workplace…

But probably nobody would expect that a bunch of PE teachers would be hired on a game of chance! This is actually what happened in an American elementary school, as the school director and his staff decided to hire a new PE teacher.

Making The Hardest Decision… On A Lotto Game!Lotto game

As you might imagine, the director staff received at least a ton of CVs. Of course, most CVs were excellent résumés of professional PE teachers who have previous experience in this field of job. Making a decision was, surprisingly, harder than everyone there could expect.

So, the idea came out by itself: the staff decided to take a cube box made of plastic, they put pieces of paper inside it, after writing a number on each piece. And here is how the school director decided to manage the recruitment of the new PE teacher for his school: the staff selected 5 PE teachers from the best CVs and then invited them all to take part to this absurd “recruitment event”: the one who picked up the piece of paper with number 6 would gain the job place at the school!

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